News: Latch plugin for Windows is out

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

With this plugin, you may protect access to Windows Systems, as a standalone machine not connected to any other authenticator. The plugin may be downloaded directly from here or here depending on your architecture. This personal edition is for free, but it is necessary to register to get a developer account with an AppiD and Secret if you do not have one yet. Visit and, on the upper right side, click on "Developer's area".

Here is a little how to so you can check how easy the integration is. The only prerequisites you need is Microsoft Windows version XP SP 3 or later. For a professional version of this plugin, valid for Active Directory, please check the Enterprise version here.

Installing and configuring

Unzip the program and execute latch_windows_plugin_pe_64.exe. By default, the plugin is added as a standard program under "Eleven Paths" folder, "Latch for Windows". Usually this will be: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Eleven Paths\Latch for Windows\" or "C:\Program Files\Eleven Paths\Latch for Windows\" depending on the architecture. Check the “Enable” checkbox and click "Latch Settings".

Click on "Enabled" to start using Latch for Windows

  • Complete the fields with the Application ID and Secret previously generated in developer's area, and click "OK" . Operation ID is not mandatory.

In "Latch settings", fill the fields up with Application Id and Secret key

  • Back to the main window, click on "Add" and add an username. From the Latch app on the phone, generate the token and complete the "Pairing token" box in "User options" window, and click the button "Pair" and "OK".

Add an username and generate a token with your app

Generate a pairing token for the user

  • The user is added to the list. Restart Windows, and the plugin is now ready to be used.

 Using Latch 

From now on, the user may lock his Windows account in his smartphone so no one will be able to log in even if the password is known.

Lock or unlock the account from Latch app

Even if the password is correct, the user will not be able to log in until the latch is unlocked

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  1. no funciona.... no bloquea la cuenta Windows 8 64 bits, con el instalador de 64 bits