ElevenPaths Announces Strategic Security Alliance with Devo

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Strategic alliance ElevenPaths and Devo imagen

Provides Telefónica Customers Advanced Cybersecurity Monitoring and Protection Services Through Devo Data Operations Platform.

#CyberSecurityPulse: Changing stereotypes in the security sector

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

social networks image Ripples of outrage spread across the cybersecurity industry last week after women in red evening gowns were seen promoting a product at the Infosecurity Europe 2018 conference. The event's organisers condemned the move, saying vendor contracts ban the use of so-called 'booth babes'. Thankfully, this behaviour is in the minority. In fact, it is perceived that there is beginning to be greater gender diversity, that more women are participating in conferences and that multiple programmes and initiatives are being implemented, including a renewed focus on recruitment.

New tools: Metashield Bots, analyzing and cleaning metadata for everyone, from everywhere

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

You all know Metashield. Basically, it is a technology from our own to analyze and clean metadata, that is used in several of our own products. Although metadata seems to be an old problem, it is still useful when you analyze leaked data, as in the Bin Laden hard disk case that we covered, and even it was a key piece in our research about Wannacry author, when we found out how the creator worked and even what his default language in Word was. We are introducing today a new way to use Metashield, for everyone and from everywhere since we have created bots for Telegram, Skype and Slack. It is easier than ever now. Let’s see.