ElevenPaths along with Kaspersky uncover several malicious apps on Google Play

Monday, February 27, 2017

ElevenPaths, along with Kasperksy Lab and its team GReAT (Global Research and Analysis Team), published recently an investigation revealing how malicious apps are opperating in Google PLay, by subscribing users under special tariff numbers. They analysed which type of app is mostly used to get potential victims' attention, which tactics were used to disseminate the app, the infrastructure code and the management panels used in the campaigns

ElevenPaths and Consultores de Firma Avanzada together to protect Digital Banking, Insurance and Utility sectors

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The scientific advances in facial and voice recognition, or biometric recognition for signatures are already a reality. In this context, we announce our most recent technological partnership with Consultores de Firma Avanzada. From their part, we have Firming, the biometric platform for secure contract signing created by Consultores de Firma Avanzada, and from our part, SealSign, created to be an electronic and biometric signature solution.

This partnership is the answer for the existing demand in the world of Digital Banking, and also for Insurance and Utilities Companies that were looking for an independent and mobile solution, so their customers could sign their contracts in a protected and faster way through Smartphones, Tablets and other devices.

Latch Plugins Contest 2016: Videos and Documentation

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You can find here the compilation of plugins submitted to the Latch Plugins Contest 2016. Congratulations to all participants for the work done and the results!

ElevenPaths and Enigmasec associated to help small and medium organizations in face of the invasion of systems

Monday, February 20, 2017

The last week, we announced a partnership with Enigmasec, a company specialized in incident responses for cybersecurity, with the goal of improving its capabilities in cyber attacks that breaks into the traditional mechanisms of defenses.

Nowadays, there’s no accessible tool that can compile the information from a security incident, helping to reduce its response time. In this context rises Enigmabox, a tool created by Enigmasec to detect security incidents and collect data for analysis. Igor Lukic, Enigmasec’s CEO, tell us that “Enigmabox works like an airplane’s black box, so in case our customer has some security issue, all its information will be stored in the same place. It also works as a warning system to provide responses to security incidents”.

ElevenPaths and Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) collaborates in sharing information intelligence about cyber threats

Friday, February 17, 2017

In 2015, ElevenPaths, together with another market leader companies, such as Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, Intel Security, Palo Alto and Symantec, brought together their strength to join a community that aims to exchange information about intelligence in cyber threats. This community is called CyberThreat Alliance (CTA).
In January 2017, the CyberThreat Alliance was converted into a non-profit organisation and, after that, announced Michael Daniel, ex-coordinator of cybersecurity in the White House, as President of the institution. In this context, ElevenPaths and CyberThreat Alliance renewed and accelerated the commitment in exchanging information about intelligence in cybersecurity, in order to provide better support and security to our customers.

ElevenPaths joins Saint Patrick Technology to offer security solutions based on the latest Big Data technologies

Thursday, February 16, 2017

We announce today our most recent partnership with Saint Patrick Technology, the leading company in the development of solutions based on the latest technologies, such as AR, VR, NFC, RFI and Big Data.

With this collaboration, we aim to share knowledge, synergies and technical resources to develop products and services for digital security. ElevenPaths' Vice Presidente for Strategic Alliances, Rames Sarwat, says "thanks to this partnership, ElevenPaths and Saint Patrick Technology will work together for the development and distribution of products and services for both companies. We want to reach the Spanish market and also, the markets in Ireland and UK.".

"The products developed by Saint Patrick Technology fits perfectly with the ElevenPaths' Identity and Access Solutions" says Roberto Rodríguez Gómez, Partner Director in Saint Patrick Technology. Along these lines, Saint Patrick Technology joins the Partners Program of ElevenPaths as SSP (Solution & Services Partners).

This new deal supports ElevenPaths and Saint Patrick Technology's objective to develop and implement mobile apps specialised in technologies as  AR, VR, NFC, RFI and Big Data. Both ElevenPaths and Saint Patrick Technology will include these services in their portfolios, increasing the options for technological and consultancy solutions and also last generation developments.

For more information, check the Partners Section in our webpage.
Do you want to know more about the ElevenPaths Partner Program? Contact us!

To see the Press Release done by ElevenPaths and Saint Patrick Technology, click here.

Latch Plugins Contest 2016: we finally have winners!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We can now announce the winners of our "Latch Plugins Contest 2016", showing the creativity, ideas and imagination of the participants in the submitted proposals. This edition of the contest results in its consolidation and the consolidation of the community of developers who feed and develop Latch.

In our community, you can find the documentation, videos and plugins of all participants who have shown great interest, effort and quality in the works submitted. Here is a brief description of the winning plugins and hacks:

First prize – 5.000 USD
Winner: Álvaro Caso
Plugin: Mosquito MQTT

This plugin easily adds a second factor authorization to the IoT ecosystem, performing the integration on the MQTT Broker platform (lightweight M2M message protocol), rather than on the devices.

This way of functioning frees resources and improves compatibility and scalability.

What we liked:
The approach to the proposed solution looks interesting and original. The integration with a protocol like MQTT increases the usability of Latch and allows a great diffusion in commercial solutions, such as IoT Stack of Telefónica.


Second prize – 2.000 USD
Winner: Juan Camero
Plugin: Latch OpenWRT

Plugin for the OpenWRT open firmware used on neutral routers. It manages the internet connection of wireless devices through a Smartphone with the Latch app in a simple and intuitive way. It adds an extra layer of security for the Internet access by router, avoiding access to the network if an attacker surpasses the first security measures, such as the key of the access point or a MAC filter, with Mac Spoofing techniques, etc.

What we liked:
The approach applied is good and with great possibilities of development. The scope of OpenWRT is wide because of its community of users and its compatibility with neutral routers of the market. The integration with the webGUI (Luci) is excellent and with a simple installation.


Third prize – 1.000 USD
Not awarded

We want to thank all the participants for the contribution and the outpouring of eagerness, as well as for being part of our community and the exchange of ideas. Congratulations to the winners!
Share your knowledge, experience and curiosities with our experts. Talk to them in our community. They are waiting for you! And remember to visit the website with the Latch plugins and strengthen your systems.

For more information:

Jam Session with Greg Day Madrid 2017 Roundup

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Estrenamos el mes de febrero uniéndonos a nuestros colegas de Palo Alto para celebrar nuestra primera Jam Session del año en Madrid. Este año iniciamos nuestras sesiones de visión sobre temas de tendencia en el ámbito de la ciberseguridad con Greg Day, VP y CSO de Palo Alto Networks, experto en temas de normativa GDPR y Directiva NIS.

Este evento reunió a nuestros expertos, clientes y socios de Palo Alto donde compartimos pensamientos y buenas prácticas sobre los incipientes cambios en ciberseguridad para cumplir con la nueva legislación europea en la protección de datos.

¿Cómo adaptarse a la nueva normativa de Protección de Datos? ¿Sabías que el nuevo reglamento europeo en materia de protección de la información será de obligado cumplimiento a partir de mayo de 2018? ¿Sabes cómo puede afectar a la seguridad de la información de tu empresa?

Aquí te recomendamos la lectura de otro post sobre este tema de actualidad con la visión de nuestro experto Pablo Alarcón, para que puedas conocer todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el nuevo Reglamento Europeo en materia de Protección de la Información.

¿Te interesa conocer más sobre los eventos de ElevenPaths? Visita nuestra página de eventos para obtener más información.