Foca Files Finder, our new Chrome extension to feed FOCA

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Our Chrome extension is really simple. It takes advantage of the Bing technology (already used by FOCA) to perform a search of documents on the domain being visited at the moment with Chrome. This list (limited to 50) is quickly accessible from your browser. You can export it to a TXT file which can, in turn, be used by the FOCA.

Among the available options, you can choose what kind of documents you wish to search. Moreover, you can perform an automatic research, so you will not need to press the extension button. By doing so, every time you visit a domain, on the FOCA icon it will appear an indicator with the potential number of documents found.

This is a first version and we expect further developments, such as the possibility to connect the extension directly with the application, so you will not have to export the documents to a TXT file. 

In the following video you can watch how it works:


You can donwload the extension from here:

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