GSMA IoT Security Champion: Award to our IoT Security team

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

We have a lot to be happy about! Our IoT Security team, dedicated to cybersecurity specialized in the increasingly relevant world of the Internet of Things, has received a well-deserved award for its contribution to the dissemination and application of the IoT security guides of the GSMA, an entity that represents the interests of the most important mobile operators around the world and is in charge of the Mobile World Congress events around the world, among which is the Barcelona event that takes place this week.

The hugest collection of usernames and passwords has been filtered…or not (II)

Monday, February 4, 2019

Over the last entry we focused on analyzing the content of these files from a critical point of view, this is: on clarifying that when a massive leak freeing millions of passwords is announced, the reality is not entirely what it seems to be. After all, what it has been filtered is the collection of leaks, gathered over time by a certain group of people or by someone.

The leak we have examined has 640 Gb of content. We must clarify that it is not just the leak called "Collection #1" or the subsequent "Collection #2" and so on (the best-known ones). These types of collections are on the Internet, on several forums or uploaded on servers where anyone, with some patience, can access.